Human Rights Responsibility and UK Modern Slavery Act Statement for FY 2024

(Artivion is providing this statement voluntarily.)

Artivion, Inc. (“Artivion”), a US company, is headquartered in suburban Atlanta, Georgia, with subsidiaries in North America, South America, Asia, and Europe, including the UK. It is a leader in the manufacturing, processing, and distribution of medical devices and implantable tissues used in cardiac and vascular surgical procedures focused on aortic repair. Artivion markets and sells products in more than 100 countries worldwide, including the UK, and relies on suppliers principally in the US, the European Union, and the UK.

It is Artivion’s policy to comply with the laws and regulations applicable to Artivion's business activities around the world. The Artivion Code of Conduct addresses our corporate citizenship goals, which include acting with the highest integrity in business dealings and serving as a corporate role model of responsible corporate citizenship, including as a contributor to the communities in which we reside and do business.

Artivion has a comprehensive global compliance program and is committed to ensuring that our global operations comply with legal requirements, such as the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act and the UK Modern Slavery Act.

Artivion continually improves its processes to assess and ensure that suppliers comply with Artivion policies and goals, including Artivion’s human rights responsibility aspirations.

Artivion endeavors to ensure that all suppliers operate in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, governmental requirements, and industry guidelines in the countries in which they operate. We seek suppliers and business partners with reputations for ethical and legally compliant business practices, further reducing the risk of exposure to slavery and human trafficking issues. Noncompliance with our company Code of Conduct may result in corrective action or termination of a supplier partnership, depending on the severity and frequency of the non-compliance. We may work with suppliers to ensure corrective action plans to resolve any instances of non-compliance.

Finally, Artivion employees are scheduled to receive annual training on the Code of Conduct, which requires that the selection of suppliers be made based on the total value they will provide to the Company, including their compliance with applicable laws and regulations related to labor, health and safety, and the environment.



Pat Mackin
Chairman, President, & CEO